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Frequently Asked Questions

General Service FAQs

Lake Country Barge works in inclimate weather. The only reason we may postpone a job is for high winds or lightning. Occasionally heavy boat traffic will cause a job to be temporarily postponed for safety reasons.
Our crews are trained on the equipment, and safety measures are put in place. We are a licensed, insured company with experience in the services we provide. We ask that customers stay back for their own safety when we are working on the job.
We are prepared and trained on watercraft recovery. Should there be an incident we will work with the local police department as well as the DMV to secure your craft in a timely manner.
We haul all sorts of loads across our local bodies of water. This would include landscape materials, building supplies, heavy equipment; we've even hauled a camper!
Depending on what is being hauled, we have the ability to haul 5,000 pounds at a time. This is roughly the weight of a standard pickup truck.
Depending on the time of year there are promotions and factory discounts on a multitude of products. We also will discount products for returning customers. Ever want to know what specials are running? Join our mailing list or feel free to call and ask!

Boat Dock and Lift Installation FAQs

We can install new and used equipment as long as there is open water. If the lake is frozen we can deliver to the property by road.
No permits are required to install a new dock or lift. There are special circumstances depending on the size of the equipment being installed where the DNR has to be notified if we are modifying the shoreline. All docks and lifts are installed minding the Wisconsin pier planner.
Certain docks have cribs that are positioned underwater. When replacing the dock we may need to remove the preexisting structure if it becomes a hindrance to the functionality of the new system. Land on shore is irrelevant to installing a dock. Any transition can be accommodated with a new dock system. In certain scenarios the bottom is too deep or muddy to install a dock. These instances may require a "Muck Mat" to disperse the weight over a greater area so that it doesn't sink.
Once installation is complete, we will walk you through your new product and explain maintenance, functions, and warranty. We will have any system "turn key ready" before the job is officially completed.
Annual maintenance is always recommended but not always necessary. We offer maintenance packages for our customers so they don't have to worry about keeping up with their product.
Most docks and lifts need to be removed for the winter freeze. However, individuals living in a secluded bay or channel can leave their equipment in the water due to the lack of risk with ice shifting. Ice freezing around a dock or lift isn't harmful. If there is a chance that the ice can move or heave, it is absolutely recommended that the lift/dock be taken out.
Having power on your shoreline is a personal preference. We do have AC systems that can run off a standard 110 outlet. Power should be run by a professional with a GFCI outlet. Heavy duty, insulated extension cords are necessary to safely and properly run any lift motors or lights. Cords should be tucked away neatly and mounted in a way so that it isn't possible to trip on them or have them catch on your boat as you enter and exit your lift.
Products can be picked from the shop and assembled and installed yourself (DIY) or delivered and installed by us. We will service our customers to any degree within our respective territory. [Kewaskum to Racine (North to South); Lake Mills to Milwaukee (West to East)]

If you still have questions, just contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help!