CanadaDocks Stairs

Improve accessibility in and out of the water with the stainless steel CanadaDocks™ Stairs. Perfect for children, dogs, and those with mobility limitations. Available in 4, 5 or 6 step options as well as a stainless steel handrail option. The CanadaDocks™ Stairs have adjustable telescoping legs for those uneven shorelines and lake bottoms. All mounting hardware is included.

Each stair riser is a standard 7 inches with legs and foot pads at the bottom which are adjustable up to 17 inches. The steps are 8.5″ deep and 24.5″ wide with an overall width of 29″.

Staircase Height Guide:

4-Step: 34″ – 42″
5-Step: 42″ – 49″
6-Step: 49″ – 56″

CandaDocks Documentation

Stair Assembly Instructions