CanadaDocks Anchoring Accessories

Anchoring your dock is the most important step in building and installing your new CanadaDocks system. It is a requirement to have sufficient anchoring to ensure that your dock is stable in the water. Unlike other docks, ours are designed to be as lightweight as possible, which make it easier to install and remove each year. Although, the lighter the dock, the more susceptible it is to be moved in a large storm. Therefore, anchoring your dock properly is one of the most important steps and best way to protect your investment.

EXPERT TIP: When you remove your dock for the winter, keep the chains and anchors in the water. Tie a piece of a pool noodle to the end of the chain and it will be easy to grab and reattach next spring.

150 lb Concrete Anchor

The 150lb Concrete Anchor is essential to easily secure your dock. Simply attach chains from your anchor to your dock, and you’re all set.

Anchoring your dock at the furthest point from shore is REQUIRED. The amount of anchoring is determined based on the currents and waves of the body of water.

The 150 lb Concrete Anchor can be used for both floating and standing docks.

L = 19.5″ W = 15″ H = 7.5″

Concrete Anchor Forming Kit

concrete anchor form

Sometimes transporting 150lb Concrete Anchors is not the easiest task. So we have designed this Concrete Anchor Forming Kit to make anchoring your dock as easy as possible.

Simply assemble the plywood forming using the supplied wood dowel pins, insert one of the supplier rebars, add two 30kg bags of concrete, and let cure for 24 – 48 hours before removing.

This kit can make up to 4 anchors 22″ L x 16″ W x 11″ H

CanadaDocks™ Concrete Anchor Forming Kit contain:

  1. One (1) Plywood form
  2. Four (4) 5/8 Rebar Formed
  3. Eight (8) Wood Pin

* Concrete not included

Anchor Chain

1/4″ Galvanized Chain used to attach Concrete anchors to a dock.

Sold by the foot.

quick link

Chain Quick Link

Stainless Steel Quick Link used to attach your chain to anchors and float eye bolts.

Dock Chain Retainer

Provide extra protection for your Standing Dock from rough water conditions with our Dock Chain Retainer.

Chain retainers are galvanized to prevent rusting.

Product Dimensions: 5 7/8″ x 3 3/4 x 1/4.

Anchor Chain Tension Cord

It helps to hold the floating dock in place by maintaining tension on the chains and absorbing some jerking caused by waves.

Comes with a 2x 50″ Tension Cords and 4 SJ Hooks to attach to the anchor chains.

CanadaDocks Documentation


Floating Dock Stabilizer Kit

Add extra strength and support to your floating dock with the Floating Dock Stabilizer Kit.

The Floating Dock Stabilizer Kit comes with the following:
(1) Auger
(1) Bracket

The recommended 1.90″ OD galvanized pipe is sold separately. 

Deep Water Leg Brace for Standing Docks

Designed to give stability to 4′ and 8′ standing docks with longer legs (anchors still required).

  • Deep Water Leg Braces comes with the following:
    (2) Leg Braces
  • (2) Leg Jaw Clamps
  • Mounting Hardware

Note: This kit is for 2 legs only, you would need 2 kits to secure both sides of a dock.

CanadaDocks Documentation

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