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CanadaDocks Connector Kits

Connectors and replacement backing plates for connecting CanadaDocks dock sections, accessories and ramps.

Triangle Backing Plate

Our CanadaDocks backing plates are used to attach many different accessories our docks, using the triangle design in our truss.

Our accessories come with all the hardware necessary to install them, these plates are available in case you lose or need an extra one!

Floating Dock Connector Kit

The Floating Dock Connector Kit is used to connect multiple CanadaDocks™ floating sections to create one rigid section.


  • 2pcs. Connector Plates
  • 4pcs. Triangular Back Plates
  • 12pcs. 3/8x16x1-1/2″ SS Carriage Bolts with Nuts

TOOLS REQUIRED: 9/16″ socket with ratchet

WEIGHT: 18lb / 8.2kg

CanadaDocks Documentation

Floating Dock Connector Installation Instructions

Ramp Connector Kit

The Ramp Extension Kit is used to connect two 4′ x 8′ ramps together to form a 4′ x 16′ ramp, or two 8′ x 8′ ramps together to form a 8′ x 16′ ramp.

Weight: 18lb / 8.2kg

CanadaDocks Documentation

Ramp Connector Instructions