lift and canopy

Lift Accessories


FLOE offers a variety of canopy lengths and widths to accommodate different watercraft sizes. The canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally so your boat weight is perfectly balanced on the lift and your boat is covered.

Boat Lift Parking Systems


The ultimate boat lift parking system comes standard with 4 pairs of guide-in bumpers.  The track along the top lets you slide the guides anywhere to position them perfectly for your style of boat.  Additional guides are easy to add if needed.

There are separate systems for V-hull boats and for pontoons. V-hull boat systems include 4 pairs of guides with 4 guides on each side. The pontoon Perfect Parks include 2 guides for each side and two guides on each side of the curved entry that helps guide you into the lift.


Pro-Park™ offers a “can’t miss” entrance guide-in system. It starts to guide your craft 20” prior to the boat entering the boat lift and again as you enter the lift. Works best with double guides on the entry and single guides at the front of the lift.

The system guides the boat by its rub rail so it never mars or touches the hull.  Maintenance-free PVC guide tubes are covered by SDP fabric. The aluminum structure is adjustable horizontally to perfectly fit the width of your boat.


These full-length carpeted horizontal guides have vertical entry bumpers for smooth initial contact and two additional vertical bumpers for final contact with your boat’s rub rail for perfect alignment. The guides can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to accommodate most boat types.


Motor Stop

A motor stop halts your boat in the same location every time and keeps your boat from floating too far through the boat lift. The aluminum framework with its vinyl bumper is positioned to keep your lower unit 27 inches away from the lift cradle.


bow stop

Park right on the money, every time. Connects to the dock in front of your lift and is adjustable to fit a boat or pontoon.


PVC tubes flex forward as the boat touches them perfectly positioning your boat in the lift every time.  Works great for inboards or where a motor stop isn’t the right solution.

Two models available – one attaches to the side of the dock and the other connects to your boat lift with telescoping tubes making it adjustable for any length boat.

 Not intended to be used as a stop for your boat.

Boat Lift Accessories


vertical lift wireless remote

The wireless remote works with the electric winch and VSD vertical boat lifts to offer an easy and convenient way to remotely raise and lower your boat lift. Features a range of up to 300 feet. It can be used to operate the boat lift and also an optional exterior LED flood light kit.  Includes 2 remote key fobs.


Two adjustable mast LED lights provide safe nighttime access to and from your boat lift.  15 minute auto shut-off  prevents battery drain.  Used in conjunction with FLOE’s wireless remote system.


FLOE’s solar charging kit includes a trickle charger and keeps your battery charged all summer. It is available with one panel for 12 V systems and two panels for 24 V systems.


boat lift step

Enter your boat easier.

Slip-proof, adjustable.



Boat Lift Wheel Kits allow you to roll your boat lift in and out without any heavy lifting. The airtight wheels each provide about 60 pounds of flotation to lighten the lift while moving it in the water.  And you can leave the wheels on the lift while it is in the water. Two pairs of wheel kits recommended for easy in/out installation and removal.

The system incorporates a set of four wheels with two floats making it easy to just roll the boat lift into the water and float it into place. The floats are adjustable to accommodate all sizes of FLOE boat lifts.


Includes two inner legs and bracing (1 pair).
Inner leg is 48” longer than the current leg and has 30” of adjustment. Optimum water depth with Deep Water Leg Kits is 74”-114”. Boat lifts with deep water leg kits & canopies require 4 anchors.



FLOE’s anchoring system is the ideal way to secure your boat lift to the lake bottom and help keep your boat safe when those inevitable storms come your way. The brackets attach to the lower frame of your lift. An extension post with augers allow you to install them from above the water line. Sold in pairs but 2 pair are recommended.

Float & Roll™ Boat Lift Systems

The ideal system if your boat hoist needs to be floated long distances, floated into a slip, floated into deeper water, installed in muddy bottoms, or if you just want an easy way to get your lift in the water.  You can even install and level your lift without getting wet or straining a muscle.

Pivot Lift Accessories


Full Length Bunks

• 82″ Deluxe full length bunks for all pivot boat lifts
• Strong aluminum extrusion with heavy-duty vinyl support pads contours to the boat hull
• Horizontal adjustment to accommodate various boat hulls
• Sold in pairs
• 50″ Deluxe full length bunks also available for PWC 1300s. When using 82″ bunks on a P-1300 jet ski lift, the PWC must be centered on the bunks to keep lift from tipping

Bunk Brackets

• Aluminum brackets available so you can add your own wood.
• Sold in a set of four brackets.


Full Length Bunks

• Pro-Park Vertical PVC vertical guide-ins for scratch-free parking on your jet ski lift.
Sold in pairs; two pair recommended.


• Wheel kit option available for P1200 and PWC 1300 (does not fit on P1600.)


Floe’s Design-A-Lift

Use FLOE’s online Design-A-Lift tool to help you see the possibilities for your lakefront. See how your chosen accessories would look on the boat lift you select.