Free-Standing Canopies


green FLOE canopy

The perfect solution for those who don’t want a boat lift but still want to protect their boat from the elements. Includes FLOE’s Easy Leveling™ System so you can effortlessly level the canopy without getting in the water.

FLOE’s free-standing canopy is available in all of FLOE’s AirMax™ canopy colors including:  Navy Blue, Green, Grey and Black. You can also customize your canopy with AirMax™ Premier custom striped ends.

Inside width is 119” and accommodates all sizes of 10.5’ canopies (canopies sold separately).
Must anchor when installing.

Canopy Frame Weight: 164lbs
Canopy Stand Weight: 211lbs
Combined Weight (Frame + Stand): 375lbs

Lake Shore Products

blue canopy

Ideal for the customer who doesn’t want a lift but hates the hassle of the mooring cover. This is the fastest and easiest way to get onto the water so you can enjoy your boat more. It also allows you to use your pontoon boat as a patio extension to your dock.


Four diagonal braces for extra strength and rigidity. These can be placed in different configurations to allow easy access to your pontoon boat.

Augers securely anchor the canopy at four or six points so it stays put.

Sizes include: 24′, 26′, 28′, 30′

Canopy fabric can be customized!

canopy hammock