girls on raft in front of dock - you can get docks in Lake Country at Lake Country Barge


Lake Country Barge can help you imagine your perfect shoreline. We’ll help you design a dock and refine it for the best results.

Lake Country Barge sells and installs docks by FLOE, Voyager, and CanadaDocks. Not only can we build a new dock, we can add on to the one you already have.

Sectional Docks

Sectional docks allow you to create a cost effective dock that will not only be stable, but easy to store in a limited amount of space. They are easy to install and remove on your own. Sectional docks can be arranged in any configuration to best suit your needs for lake living. Many accessories can be added for your ideal dock.

Floating Docks

Lake Country Barge sells and installs floating docks made by both FLOE and CanadaDocks. Floating docks can be left in year-round as long as they are installed in protected area on the lake. Incredibly stable and built to last, they are heavy duty and designed to withstand the constant beating of waves on a busy lake.

Roll-in Docks

Lake Country Barge sells and installs roll-in docks. FLOE’s roll-in docks are unique because they come in a variety in shapes and sizes. They can be removed in one solid piece, or can easily be taken apart and installed or removed one section at at time. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. They can be used in up to 9ft of water. A superior amount of bracing and durability keeps the dock stable and ensures many years of use.

Decking Options


Replacement deck boards / panels / palettes. See our decking options from TimberTech.


We have many dock accessories available to personalize your dock. Flagpoles, benches, fishing rod holders, steps, kayak storage and more.