pop up camper on lake country barge


See what Lake Country Barge services are offered. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business elevating your waterfront experience!

New Docks

new docks

Docks to fit your needs, accommodate any shoreline, work in the water depth or current, and give you everything you want on your shoreline. The sky’s the limit and we will help you get there!

New Boat Lifts

All lifts are designed to specifically fit your boat and the methods in which you use it. Lifts can hold up to 10,000lbs!

Seasonal Installation and Removal

We can remove and install your pre-existing lakeside equipment in spring and fall. More info…

Transportation of anything over the water!

Can’t get to the lake from the road? We can move whatever it might be from the water to your property.

Dock Maintenance

We do inspections, upkeep, replacement decking, welding, and anything else that might need to get done to make sure your dock is ready for summer!

Boat Lift Maintenance

Lake Country Barge offers annual service plans. We repair a wide variety of boat lifts in any situation.

Canopies and Fabrics

We can size and get replacement fabrics for any boat lift make or model on the market – even add custom designs!

Replacement Parts

Lake Country Barge stocks a plethora of parts for Floe, Shorestation, Wave Armor, Lift Tech, Lake Lite, and Voyager. Need something special? We can help you find it.

Emergency Lake Services

Flipped over boat lifts, storm damage to docks or lifts, sinking boats, lift or track system failure – we can help. Can’t have your boat floating around for too long!

Boat and Snowmobile Recovery

We will pull boats, snowmobiles, and other small crafts out of the lake should they sink or fall through the ice.

Experienced Advice

Even if you don’t buy from us, our goal is to help you find the products you are looking for and be happy with them! We will answer any questions you might have.

Anything Else – Just Ask!

Our services are not limited, and we’re always open to helping our customers. Got a job you need done? Give us a call and ask.